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Graphic recording in Ireland

I have been formally trained as a Visual Practitioner at Make Mark in North America and built up considerable experience recording events such as Strategy, Change and Interventions. Here are some examples of the types of work my training has provided. Graphic recording in real time as the meeting or conference is progressing, actively drawing and capturing the essence of the conversations between the facilitator and the delegates. Graphic facilitation , facilitating the meeting and at the same time, drawing out the ideas and concepts as the conversation progresses. Graphic coaching, a one-on-one situation, helping someone cope with difficult situations in their lives. Seeing different aspects drawn out visually on the wall charts, helps them begin to understand where they are 'stuck', choosing to move out of the ‘place’ they're in, and move into a place they want to be in. I am currently engaged part time, to produce graphic recordings for the clien