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Various forms of graphic recording and graphic facilitation

In the 1990's graphics or visuals were used as a creative way of teaching pupils in schools, educating students at University and in the market place in businesses. It's a great way of remember things while studying! The process or 'art of graphic recording and graphic facilitation' has developed into various forms ... 1. Fast catch - a word or image capture 2. Deep listening - a story or metaphor capture 3. Graphic journalism 4. Holistic reflection 5. Signage 6. Historical graphic 7. In-your-voice participant - initiated graphics in two forms, monitored and      unmonitored. These 7 points are taken from: The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 2005; 41; 139 Graphic Facilitaton and Large-Scale Interventions; Supporting Dialogue Between Cultures at a Global, Multicultural, Interfaith Event C. Tyler, L Valek, R. Rowland

Website for Elfie Rocher's Graphic Recording

I've recently started a new website on Graphic Recording ... if you'd like to have a on the link below

Graphic recording with IBEC

The graphic recording worked so well in collaboration with the planning team from Ibec who ran breakfast meetings in four different locations around Ireland encouraging and networking with local businesses and prioritising opprtunities for growth. We also recorded the conversations at their Ibec HR Leadership Summit, at the Convention Centre - a large scale event with TD Richard Bruton, guest speaker from the London Business School, as well as representatives from local businesses.