Various forms of graphic recording and graphic facilitation

In the 1990's graphics or visuals were used as a creative way of teaching pupils in schools, educating students at University and in the market place in businesses.
It's a great way of remember things while studying!

The process or 'art of graphic recording and graphic facilitation' has developed into various forms ...

1. Fast catch - a word or image capture
2. Deep listening - a story or metaphor capture
3. Graphic journalism
4. Holistic reflection
5. Signage
6. Historical graphic
7. In-your-voice participant - initiated graphics in two forms, monitored and      unmonitored.

These 7 points are taken from:

The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 2005; 41; 139 Graphic Facilitaton and Large-Scale Interventions; Supporting Dialogue Between Cultures at a Global, Multicultural, Interfaith Event C. Tyler, L Valek, R. Rowland


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