Graphic recording in Ireland

I have been formally trained as a Visual Practitioner at Make Mark in North America and built up considerable experience recording events such as Strategy, Change and Interventions. Here are some examples of the types of work my training has provided.

  • Graphic recording in real time as the meeting or conference is progressing, actively drawing and capturing the essence of the conversations between the facilitator and the delegates.
  • Graphic facilitation, facilitating the meeting and at the same time, drawing out the ideas and concepts as the conversation progresses.
  • Graphic coaching, a one-on-one situation, helping someone cope with difficult situations in their lives. Seeing different aspects drawn out visually on the wall charts, helps them begin to understand where they are 'stuck', choosing to move out of the ‘place’ they're in, and move into a place they want to be in.
I am currently engaged part time, to produce graphic recordings for the clients of Liz Hayes and a team of facilitators in her Organisational Development company. As well as producing relevant graphics, I have a unique ability to gain a deeper understanding of the key points and to capture the essence and to portray this where appropriate, visually as a theme. This provides the delegates and wider audiences with a highly relevant visual framework, to enhance decision making. As in this case, I am able to photograph and provide digitised output suitable for reports and publications to a wider audience.

Much of the work I have completed is confidential and not available for wider publication. Although I have produced many more recordings, I have kind permission to publish this work which I did for a longstanding client.

These charts recorded the Strategic Plan for 2008 - 2012, a 2 year process within the client organisation.

The brief

With this report based project I experienced a different set of graphic recording challenges. I was well briefed in advance and provided with substantial documentation so well able to plan before committing to the 14 feet of graphic recording white paper plastered on the wall! It also meant the recording was neater, more structured and logical in design.... easier to read.

The Conference

In addition, the graphic recordings were displayed during the event at the client venue. As the meeting progressed delegates were invited to go around the room and examine the charts in depth. A comment from the meeting:

– it (the graphic recording charts) set the mood for what was to come. It seemed to energise and add a whole new dimension of excitement, an easier way to understanding the plan, and the response was -“hey, yes count us in, we want to be a part of making this work!”

Some post meeting feedback.

Many, many thanks Elfie! The board and staff all love it and we will be using it creatively in our published strategic plan, (we are also going to blow it up and frame it for the office). Thanks again.

Elfie, this is brilliant!! There was such excitement when it arrived this morning - I was there for the Board meeting. the talk was about where / how best to use it!! Congratulations and look forward to more.....

Please double click on the images below for a larger view.

The Graphic Recordings

As the topic was CRITICAL CONVERSATIONS, I used speech bubbles as a theme instead of small elements in the layout

Double click on and of the images below, if you would like to view them in larger format..


Urkyle said…

Now this is an unusualy line of work! Talk about the first in Ireland, I don't think I have seen any hare in South Africa. The end result is almost an art peice on its own.
All I can say is Way cool!!

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